Sunday, September 1, 2013

Homeschooling: CC - Cycle 2 - Weeks 1 and 2

There are a lot of people asking me a lot of questions of what our homeschool curriculum involves. I am eager to share everything we are doing with our friends and family. Here are a few things we did last week and this week...

Week 1: We learned about Charlemagne.  My favorite coloring pages come from Google image searches and filtering for line drawings. Blaine colored these while I read about Charlemagne and practicing reciting/singing his history sentence for the week. 

Week 2: We learned about William the Conqueror. Blaine colored this image of William the Conqueror while I read. We also discussed feudalism and did a cut and paste activity. I can tell Blaine is definitely starting to absorb more of what I'm teaching him because last night, he jumped onto the sofa, threw all the pillows off, stomped his feet and declared that he was William the Conqueror and Vivienne was King Harold. It was basically the funniest thing ever. 
Week 1 - I made this "puzzle" (printable here) and laminated everything so we can reuse it. We also looked at everything on a globe and talked about how we live on the continent of North America. He really liked singing a song we downloaded from C3 and can identify all the continents and oceans!

Week 2 - I made another puzzle for European bodies of water (printable here). He is doing very well with geography. He quickly (in one sitting) memorizes everything.

Week 1 - We memorized 8 parts of speech.  I made this pirate ship visual (printable here) with flaps that reveal parts of speech with a short description of their purpose. I laminated it so we can refer back to it throughout the year.

Week 2 - We talked about how pronouns replace nouns, so I came up with this cut and paste activity. Blaine really seems to enjoy cut and paste activities, so we will probably be doing a lot of those.

Week 1 - We learned about the 5 shapes used to "build" a drawing (boy terminology). I made another cut and paste activity to categorize shapes.

 Week 2 - We did this mirror image exercise and took a trip to the tattoo shop to play on the big light table to create mirror images.

Week 1 and 2 - Skip counting by 1s, 2s, 3s, and 4s.  I brought out the scissors and glue stick again with these projects. This was actually the first time I've let Blaine use scissors on his own. So far, he is ambidextrous but insists on cutting with his left hand. Maybe I should find some preschool lefty scissors if this keeps up. 

Week 1 - Blaine memorized 7 of the world's biomes  - this was one of his favorite subjects this week mostly because of a catchy song on C3. He is still asking to listen to it. I found a color by number project of North American biomes that he really enjoyed. I'm not sharing it because I really don't think it was accurate. But, at his age - I think the purpose was mostly to understand the world is made up of different biomes with various climates, animals and plants (more importantly being able to name them). And seriously - there is nothing cuter than a 4 year old saying "deciduous forest"

Week 2 - We are learning herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores. I made this with random clipart found online and we did some other worksheets that I downloaded from C3. He is connecting that the chicken we eat is/was an actual chicken. He did seem a little troubled by that.

We are learning present tense verb conjugation endings. Nothing really fun to show along with that, but he knows it! I am starting to consider future foreign language curriculums to add on at home. Maybe in a year or 2. Suggestions welcome! Considering Spanish, French, or possibly Mandarin.

That's it! Hopefully I will be posting every 2 weeks with what we are learning! Next week we start Hands On with Vivienne too! 


  1. Ummm boo got it goin on. ;) I'm snagging these printables for Emma!

    1. Ha! I'm just seeing this - Thanks!

  2. Great help! Thanks so much for sharing! :)